Housing Forms and Documents

The following documentation is required from all students wishing to live on campus at Brescia University. Students must complete all forms and documentation and return it to the Office of Residence Life in order for a room to held in their name. Forms may be submitted to the Office of Residence Life through U.S. mail: Melissa Scuderi, Director of Residence Life, Brescia University, 717 Frederica Street, Owensboro, Kentucky, 42301, fax: 270.686.4324, or email: [email protected].

Housing Contract

Health History Form

Housing Questionnaire

Immunization Records

Housing Deposit ($100)

Students wishing to commute from home must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • For the entire period in question, the student must live with his/her parents or court-appointed legal guardian and commute from a distance no greater than 50 miles;
  • The student is a veteran with one or more years of active service;
  • The student is 23 years of age or older at the time of admittance;
  • The student is married. Students with plans to marry during the time they are required to live on campus will be required to live on-campus up to the date of the wedding.
  • The student is the legal custodial parent or court-appointed custodial guardian of a minor, child, or children;
  • The student has previously lived on campus for eight (8) consecutive semesters.

Students meeting one or more of these eligible criteria and wishing to commute must complete an Off-Campus Verification Form.